Benefits Of Taking A CPR Class

There are many reasons why one should consider taking a Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) class. CPR is a life-saving first-aid procedure in which you can take courses to learn and update your skills and earn a CPR certification. There are many benefits of taking this class. 

Handle Cardiac Arrests

When a person experiences a cardiac arrest, more commonly referred to as a heart attack, how others around them respond to the incident can directly impact if that person lives or dies. One person dies every 36 seconds from cardiovascular disease, and heart disease counts for one in four deaths. 

When a heart attack occurs, time is of the essence. The heart needs to start pumping again, and air needs to get into the person's lungs. That can be achieved through CPR. With CPR, you have a tool to respond to a cardiac arrest in someone near you before the paramedics arrive. CPR is crucial when someone is having a cardiac arrest event. 

Increase Survival Odds

When you know CPR and someone around you has a cardiac event, you increase their survival odds. Around 395,000 cases of cardiac arrest happen outside of hospitals, and only about 6% of people that experience a cardiac event outside of a hospital survive. 

If that person is given CPR, the chance of surviving the cardiac event and surviving without sustaining any additional injury or disability increases. Obtaining a CPR certification allows you to be one of the first responders when someone around you has a heart attack. 

Improve Employment Odds

Many employers require their employees to have a valid CPR certification. This training is required in many jobs where you directly care for other people, such as in a nursing home or working with small children. Many public-facing jobs require employees to have CPR training. Undergoing CPR training can help make you more employable and increase your chances of getting employment when you can show an employer that you have the necessary training to start the job right away. Having CPR certification will help make you instantly employable for a job that requires CPR training.

Getting CPR certified will allow you to know how to respond to a cardiac arrest should one occur around you. It increases the survival odds for anyone with a cardiac event outside of the hospital. Being certified can also increase your employment odds, especially if you are applying for a position where being CPR certified. Look up and see if there is a class near you that you can take to become certified today.