3 Main Questions To Ask Before Selecting The Right Preschool For Your Child

You may be interested in sending your child to preschool now that he or she is old enough to attend. The benefits of sending a child to preschool are tremendous. In fact, your child will have opportunities to socialize with other children and will get to have fun while learning a lot of new things, many of which are important for your child to learn before he or she starts kindergarten. Read More 

Preschool Problem-Solving: Critical-Thinking Activity Ideas

As you child plays their way through the preschool day, they're not just "having fun." While a busy afternoon of activities at daycare certainly entertains your child, they're also learning and developing new skills. Along with learning how to write their first few letters, count to 10, and identify colors and shapes, your child is also building valuable problem-solving skills. Keep the learning going when your child comes home, and take a look at these easy problem-solving activity ideas that will get your preschooler thinking critically and creatively. Read More 

How A Music Curriculum Improves Your Child’s Development

If your child is of school age, then you are probably exploring the different preschools. Raising your child starts from birth. You have to use every moment to teach and provide your child with tools for success. It helps to choose a preschool class that encourages creativity in the classroom. Read on to find out how a music curriculum helps with development. Learn Songs To Remember Things Songs are a good tool used by many preschool teachers. Read More 

Want To Grow With The Company? Consider Getting An Online Supply Chain Management Degree

No matter what type of business you work for, there is going to be supply chain management. There might not be a department for it, but someone is responsible for inventory, incoming orders, and purchasing. However, to prove your worth in these areas, some type of degree may be necessary. While working to support your family, this can be hard. Luckily, you can keep working and get a degree online. Here are a few options and what to look for to get the education you need: Read More 

Corporate Learning Games: A Good Strategy?

Do adults still like to play games? In many cases, yes. Corporate learning games can be an interesting solution to educating your employees, but it's not without its pitfalls. Keep reading to learn how to make this strategy work for you.  Why Choose Games? With education games solutions, you can make some really dull topics more engaging for employees. When you need to pass off compliance training or policy learning as engaging, you may have to encourage some employees. Read More