Time To Pick A School For Your Kids? What To Look For When Making Your Decision

When it comes to educating your kids, you don't want them to get left behind. Unfortunately, that can happen when you're not careful about the school you choose for your kids. If you're in the process of choosing a school for your kids, don't cut corners during your selection process. Instead, take your time, and really sort through the choices. Make sure you find a school that's the right fit for your kids, and for you. Read More 

Five Things You Can Do To Lower The Costs Of Becoming A Licensed Pilot

Many people are unable to become licensed as pilots because of the expenses involved in flight training. However, there are quite a few things that aspiring pilots can do to lower flight training costs and make pilot licensure more easily achievable.  The following are five things you can do to lower the costs of becoming a licensed pilot: Put a lot of time into preparing for every single flight you take while you're in training Read More